"Forget emo, forget stroppy teens – the only thing you need right now is a healthy dose of Caffeine Kill. They take their cue from NIN and Marilyn Manson to create a unique mix of industrial-goth synth music. They are a breath of fresh air to the scene with their professional, energetic sound, dynamic stage presence and tortured vocals. Imagine the setting: a dark, sweltering room filled with sweaty bodies, nursing your whiskey and coke and desperately trying not to pass out from the heat. Then the infectious beat begins…"

- Foundations Festival -


Bristol-based Industrial Metal 4 piece Caffeine Kill fuse driving guitars, pounding electronica and harrowing vocals to create a sound that is all their own.


Caffeine Kill first started life in a bedroom in deepest Wiltshire in 2000, as the brainchild of Mark and Steve, two synth geniuses with a love for dark electronica. Singer Robyn stepped in for a one-off show at Camden Underworld. 


With Steve stepping back, in 2001 Mark started working with singer Jay to develop some of the original songs and create new material. They quickly built a strong writing relationship, supplemented by guitarist Martin to give the music a harder, heavier edge. Craig joined for a time, providing bass and additional guitar. When Martin headed for the south coast, Pete (R) swiftly slotted in to add breadth, depth and mystery to the guitar sound. Pete (S) followed soon afterwards to bolster the guitars still further. The band developed rapidly, writing and honing their live shows, releasing self-produced album “Let’s Watch TV” in 2003.


The writing continued apace with the second self-recorded album, “Shedding Skin”, following in 2005. The album spawned a number of songs which still form part of the live shows to this day. Gigging extensively off the back of Shedding Skin, the band signed to Casket Records to release their third album, “Still Bleeding” in 2007. Craig returned, adding darkest bass to complete the sound. With Pete (S) moving to a land down under, Dave stepped in on second guitar.


In 2008 Jay stepped away ahead of a move to the Midlands. Singer Lee came in for a brief time, before the band decided to put things on hold.

Then, in 2014, following Craig’s recovery from serious illness, Mark, Jay, Craig and Pete (R) reformed, initially for a one-off show. One became two, which became several more. The gigging has continued ever since, with Dave also returning on second guitar. The band continue to play live shows and, revitalised, are working hard on new material for release in early 2020

In late 2019 guitarist Dave left to focus on other commitments.

On March 26th 2021 the band are set to release 5 track EP "The March of Time", the first studio recordings in 14 years.